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Escada meets Thilo Westermann

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ESCADA accentuated its summer collection 2015 with a completely new type of artistcooperation: ESCADA meets THILO WESTERMANNdescribes an exclusive capsule collection, which was created in collaboration with the artist Thilo Westermann. His black / white photo series “Vanitas” changed from the two-dimensional image of a painting to the three-dimensional language of fashion in order to develop an entirely new effect.

The collection is now exhibited at the entrance area of our department store and available on floor 1 / Women’s Designers Emporium.

escada-westermann-kollektion   escada-westermann-kleid   Thilo-Westermann-escada   Thilo-Westermann,-Vanitas-(Vanda-Coerulea)-(detail-1),-2012,-Courtesy-the-artist-and-Oechsner-GaleriePictures: © Courtesy of Escada

Claudia Riha
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