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TAKE Festival Schaufensterkooperation

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The art project “Ko Pha-ngan”, a collective showcase staged by Markus Jagersberger, Milan Mladenovic and Natascha Hochenegg is part of our cooperation with the TAKE – Festival for Independent Fashion and Arts. “A sea of green, structures, surfaces” describes the installation with living plants – amorphous mirror integrate the viewer himself. The different angles make it seem like shy animals in the forest are diffusely emerging.

The TAKE Festival for Independent Fashion and Arts offers an exciting program of fashion, photography, multimedia, art and design open to public for five days.

Deko_2016-April---Kunstkoop-TAKE-Festival_bearbeitet_IMG_0969   April---Kunstkoop-TAKE-Festival_bearbeitet_IMG_0937   April---Kunstkoop-TAKE-Festival_bearbeitet_IMG_0949   Deko_2016-April---Kunstkoop-TAKE-Festival_bearbeitet_IMG_0946   Deko_2016-April---Kunstkoop-TAKE-Festival_bearbeitet_IMG_0935

Claudia Riha

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