8Js - Motor Racing inspired Fashion

Created by Sacha Prost, son of the motorsports legend Alain Prost, and his sister in law Delphine, 8Js takes its roots from the world of motor racing. The Italian brand launched its fashion, sneakers and accessories collection exclusively at STEFFL Department Store. «Racing isn’t only about mechanics and physics; it’s a state of mind, a constant and de­licate balance of danger, passion and glamour both on and off of the racetrack.” This was an era marked by legends of the track, true role models that inspired generations with a sense of cha­risma and style now incarnated by the 8Js man.
8Js carefully handpicks from its archives pictures from the 70s featuring the most emblematic scenes of racing history. They are printed on t-shirts, sweatshirts, as well as on scarves.
A special line is dedicated to the emblematic Grid-Girls, revealing all the glitz and glamour of this era. The Icon collection of t-shirt captures significant moments of legendary pilots through a se­ries of never before scanned photos.

Sacha prost visited Vienna for the opening of the 8Js Corner at the STEFFL Men’s World.