The Bridge

The italian brand The Bridge in now available at our store. Their designs tell the story of the "Tuscany way of life", calling to the fore a look that is casual but sophisticated, a way of being, a subdued and composed lifestyle but one that is attentive to even the smallest of details that don't go unnoticed, all for good living and comfortable security.
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The value of "Made in Italy", contained in the typical workmanship of the Florentine bottega, was combined with an aesthetic sense that is definitely "English style". The best leather is worked according to the most stringent craftsmanship techniques, starting from the tanning stage through dyeing and polishing with amber rollers. The result is leather that is soft and elastic, with the vivid and brilliant appearance that with the passing of time, acquires that lived-in and unmistakable charm, a characteristic of all the products of The Bridge.