Eton - 7 Days 7 Ways

Discover the ETON 7 Days 7 Ways campaing presenting signature shirts and stand out accessories, all available at our Men's World on the third floor.
Monday: Sharp Start Start the week strong with this classic business look. Eton’s signature white Cambridge twill with extreme cut away collar and stand out accessories help you master the office dress code.
Tuesday: Creative Meeting Let creativity fly and master the art of layering, starting with Eton’s timeless white button-down in durable oxford. Add a cashmere blend cardigan and top it off with an unconstructed wool sport coat.
Wednesday: Power Business Navigate the board meeting with style and confidence. Match Eton’s white pin collar shirt with a checked waistcoat and unique details like a silver tie bar and hot pink tie.
Thursday: Streamlined Encounters Go for a trim and tailored look including Eton’s super slim white shirt and skinny black tie. Building a basic modern business wardrobe doesn’t have to be harder than this.
Friday: Date Night Keep it clean, crisp and confident tonight with Eton’s white subtle embroidered polka dot style in fine twill.
Saturday: The Perfect Black Tie Stick to the basic rules of black tie but update your traditional tuxedo with Eton’s white luxury pique shirt and ribbed silk bow tie.
Sunday: Family Dinner Family gatherings require relaxed looks. Combine Eton’s white garment washed pique with a sleeveless cashmere knit cardigan. Unique textures and refined comfort at its best.