IOMA - personalized beauty treatments

For Marionnaud IOMA and every woman is unique, each and every recommendation is made individually. The innovative and unique high-tech skin analysis equipment of IOMA, leads to ultra- precise results, through micro-and macroscopic analysis and multi-dimensional measuring method.
One of their skin analyzers Sphere 2 can be found in STEFFL Department Store . IOMA Sphere 2 combines high-technology diagnostic and individualized recommendations.
7 factors like dehydration, fine lines, pigmentation and many more will be measured on the spot, and lead to individual diagnoses.
The IOMA recommendation is a scientifically based and an objective treatment proposal. According to the result, the customer can choose between:
- One individually compiled combination of selected toiletries from 7 IOMA facial and 3 body care series.
- The Coffret Rituels Jeunesse - a custom-made beauty ritual for the individual needs of the customers skin. 18 active ingredients, 8 highly concentrated serums, 864 combination possibilities for personal day and night care .
IOMA Sphere 2 reveals the true needs of every skin type and gives every skin is the right answer - personalized and tested.
Discover your true beauty together with IOMA and Marionnaud!