Kenzo Brand Feature

Kenzo's new style has entered the fashion world 2 years ago, when the new creative directors Humberto Leon and Carol Lim helped the brand to a colorful look with quirky prints. Tiger heads, eyes and Eiffel towers make the designs of Kenzo refreshingly young and cool and subsequently also very successful!
This season, the trend collection with the well known tiger head is complemented by the fish and many other new elements.
kenzo damen herren

Apart from various colorful motives, Kenzo also incorporates classic black and white items into the collection, such as the "K" shirt worn by Blogger Madeleine from DariaDaria.
kenzo dariadaria madeleine alizadeh

The Kenzo women's collection as well as a small selection of accessories can be found at our STEFFL Designers Emporium on Floor 1. The Kenzo men's collection is available among our contemporary brands at District 1 on floor 5.
Header Picture via: Kenzo