The Petit Bateau Christmas Collection at STEFFL

Even the little ones deserve to wear a special Christmas look!
Therefore Petit Bateau has launched a special Christmas collection at our Kid's Floor. Tulle, stripes, navy blue and gold set the tone of this chic and creative collection.
Inspired by the world of dance, the Christmas collection for girls is characterized by its casual elegance. The gold weighs gently as a dancer on the natural color tone of the T-shirts.
For boys: the stripes painted by a paint brush add a special something to the elegant classic shirt.
Also the pyjamas for babies and children are decorated with beautiful Christmas themes.

The history of Petit Bateau:
The history of PETIT BATEAU began 120 years ago in 1893 in the French town of Troyes. Functional underwear with long-legged underpants were the hallmark of the company .
The breakthrough for the iconic brand should be successful until 1918, when PETIT BATEAU came up with a completely new idea that stunned the fashion world: a pair of underpants with short legs and elastic waistband. What seems obvious today - practical bodies that keep the belly of the babies warm, and rompers with snaps on the back - both came originally by PETIT BATEAU. Also the widespread marigold stripes, called " milleraies ", as well as the convenient "2x2" rib knit are a very own creation of the fashion house.
Many ideas have been inspired by the American clothing: comfortable, functional and original. Also teenagers and young adults have discovered the brand in the past years. Because - once PETIT BATEAU, always PETIT BATEAU.