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Eye to Eye with Michelangelo

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Our current window installation celebrates the extraordinary masterpieces of Michelangelo – uniquely curated and at „eye level“ with the spectator. In collaboration with the sensational exhibition „Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel“ in Vienna’s Votive Church, Michelangelo’s works bekome artfully interpreted in a fashion context for the very first time.

Thanks to the exclusive pictures taken from the archive of the renown photographer Erich Lessing and the careful yet impressive curation of stage designer Manfred Waba, the international roadshow and public exposition oft he real size fresco replicas launches in Vienna. Visit the exhibition in Vienna‘s Votive Church until December 4th.

IMG_1509-1   IMG_1580-1   IMG_1572   IMG_1576-1   IMG_1585-1


Copyrights: Erich Lessing Expotainment

Claudia Riha
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